Have Your Saye: Doula Packages

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Shadow Work Package: Bull Kelp

This package gives you in person birth support, time and care from your Doula. It holds all the needs of your pregnancy and helps with after birth care for mama/ parents & baby.

  • 30 Minute Free Consultation
  • Prenatal Home Visits (varies)
  • Virtual Check-ins (Varies)
  • Postpartum Visits (varies)
  • Unlimited text, email, phone support
  • Full time Labor Support
  • 24/7 phone support at 37 weeks
  • Please schedule a consultation for pricing

Bull Kelp grows very tall in the sea, like personal work or like your baby developing into a tiny lovable human it has no limit to its growth. During pregnancy you face your shadow and banish parts that no longer serve you in your journey to motherhood.

Rockweed Kelp reproduces when the tide goes out. In other words at its most exposed and bare moment. When the tide comes in our real living begins and it fertilizes us with life and in this case your baby

Fertility Package: Rockweed Kelp

This package gives you virtual doula support. Bring space to your birthing journey with breath and care.

  • 30 Minute Free Consultation
  • Prenatal Virtual Visits (Varies)
  • Postpartum Virtual Varies (5 hours total)
  • Unlimited text, email, phone support
  • Full time Labor Support
  • 24/7 phone support at 37 weeks

The uterus is a tiny version of the sea. I fertilize, protect and hold life with water. I find clarity of my shadow in water

Protection Package : Giant Kelp

This package gives you more support after birth. Best for mothers/parents who needs EXTRA hands when showing up for their family.

  • 30 Minute Free Consultation
  • Daytime Postpartum Doula $35 per hr
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Light Household Work
  • Infant Care and Support

Giant Kelp protects the offspring of the Sea just like your uterus creating a thriving circle of love for your baby. Protection is by nature instinctual and important in restoring the balance for oneself and your family

* * *

Every birthing person should have access to a doula during pregnancy and labor. The Saye Birth Doula works to close the gap of inequality in maternal health by offering services with payment plans.

Virtual Doula service available

* Consultation or inquiry for service is required before purchase of doula package. A deposit of %50 is required for service, pay the remainder amount at 36 weeks! Payment plans are offered.