Meet The Saye Birth Doula: Philadelphia Doula

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I will bring you a whole person and you will bring me a whole person and we will have twice as much of love and everything

Mari Evans

About Me:

Hey loves! My name is Jasha Buckery and I’m The Saye Birth Doula. I welcome you all to my space. I’m very excited to support all birthing persons in their journey through pregnancy.

 In my training with MamaGlow Doula Immersion program I quickly identified with the healing and uplifting capacity of community in birth-work. As an advocate, a friend, and your anchor in your birth experience I try to incorporate practices that helps you in your own healing and shadow work.  

Birth-work has always been my calling as my background has centered advocating for others and organizing care for the most vulnerable individuals. I specialized in case management, mental health as well as grief support. Throughout my work I have felt connected to others hearts and their genuine spirits to be alive. I set out to become a doula after I witness my sisters traumatic birth experiences and wanted to define the birth space in a new way for others. As a black woman, my activism does not dance around the strong need to make sure the abilities of women & birthing people bodies are not rejected — in an urgency to elect medical forms of intervention during their pregnancies. 

Being a doula for me is in all regards honoring those experiences of all birthing people/ mamas. I’m so excited to support birthing people in their precious moments of bringing joy into this world and uplifting them for the powerful individual they are.

Doula Certification and Trainings:

Birth Doula, MamaGlow 

Postpartum Doula, MamaGlow

Trauma Informed Doula Training, MamaGlow

CPR Adult/ Pediatrics, American Red Cross

Grandma’s Hands Pregnancy and Postpartum Herbs and Nutrition in the Southern Tradition