The Saye Birth Doula

Birth and Postpartum Doula Support in the Philadelphia, PA, NJ, and DE areas

“Birth is not a battle ground it’s an opportunity to create spaces of safety and protection in every facets” ~ Latham Thomas

How can we care for you

How can we care for you?

Part of the Saye Birth doula vision of carrying each baby through to their parent(s) arms is making sure each birthing person is supported. The Saye Birth Doula is here for holding you up in your development of your birth tribe and being the anchor of care and positive energy you need in your birth journey. Let start with self! Our services include nutrition, comfort and finding natural movement in the body.

What Is A Doula

A birth doula supports  a birthing person through pregnancy. They provide reassurance, comfort measures and knowledge to encourage you and motivate you in labor. Doulas hold space for your birth process and plan so that you can have peace of mind during your birth experience.

Benefits of A Doula

Deceases need for interventions, pain medicine and epidurals

Support birthing person so that they never feel alone

Improves bonding between mother and baby

pregnant mama

As a birth doula I assure that you are seen, heard and not alone! YOU GOT THIS!

Love Your Joy In A Radical Way

Birthing People Experiencing Incarceration or Homelessness

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