Jasha was 100% professional and personable for the entirety of her service! She took on the task of becoming my doula later in my pregnancy, (my OB modified their COVID restrictions) but I felt as though she was there with me from the beginning. She provided me with so much information to help prepare me for having a natural birth. The services she provide are so informative and her presentation is phenomenal! We chose the intro to healthy foods, in which she bought over cute food boards filled with yummy, nutritional snacks. During labor, she was very involved with the conversations with the doctors and she was not shy to ask questions about the information they were relaying. When it got real after being induced, she helped me stay grounded even when I wanted so bad to give up and take the epidural. The emotional and physical support she provided to both me and my daughter’s father throughout pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period was unparalleled!!

Kimberly (Shadow work Package )